Friday, April 19, 2013

Sandi Henderson's Sewing the Seasons

 The super talented Sandi Henderson has written another book and she has some great new things for US!


 This beautiful book is filled with with recipes, lifestyle projects, and clothing patterns including, are you sitting down, NEW girl's dress patterns! Woo hoo!

 The book is divided up by the four seasons and in each season she has a sampling of recipes and sewing projects that work well with the season. Some of my favorite projects are the Wind Rider Kite you see on the cover( great background for photos), Two Sizes Tie(yet another pattern for the GUYS!), and the quite substantial looking Tee Pee Tent.

You could spend a year sewing from this book, I find it quite appealing that you have something for each season. I am excited she has provided new patterns for our girls! The dresses and bloomers are simple and quick and have that Portabellopixie signature look.

My daughter happens to be wearing the Ice Cream Sundress Top.

 It turned out long (yay!) so we thought it would be fine without shorties or pants for now.

I am going to continue to sew from this book so more samples to come! In the meanwhile go pick up a copy of the book and join me in discovering the new patterns and recipes Sandi has provided and tell me what you think! I myself am quite excited about it!
Available at now!!!

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