Sunday, November 4, 2012


My favorite design dynamic duo is coming out with TWO patterns for you very soon! The Vanessa and the girls version, the Bettyann! Woot woot!! Yep, Jennifer Paganelli and Carla Hegeman are back at it again. School is in and the girls are working hard to bring all those pretty dresses you see in Happy Home right to your computer!

My daughter was wearing her Maddie top today (also Sis Boom) so I thought she should jump in the picture with me.

The fabrics are Super Fly by Jennifer Paganelli of Sis Boom! My sister and I agreed the Jane print in red is very festive and would work for a Christmas top.  It is still widely available. You can search on Super Fly under Fabrics on Etsy to find it. If you have seen it other places, link it up in your comment! I know Marie Madeline Studio has the Zebra print for sure!

OH, OHHH!!! And if you do not have Happy Home or Girl's World, you need to hop over to Jennifer Paganelli's blog and check out her deal she has going on!

The Vanessa sews up super quick, and works well as a top, tunic, dress or as a top to pull over a tee. Wait until you see what I have planned for layering  with the girls version! You will like it, provided it sews up like I envision! I tried my top on with a long sleeve tee and it looked really cute. It is 92 degrees outside though so no tee today! So if you are bundled up and looking at these pictures like we are crazy, well we are crazy, but really it's hot here today. We have big temp swings this time of year. Well actually we have big temperature swings year round but it's more erratic this time of the year. Welcome to to the Texas Hill Country! Ha!


  1. I would love to move next door to you I like your weather swings..will take anything over snow.!! Love seeing Kelsey in her Maddie too!!! Talk about great duos.

  2. You guys are so adorable! Great job!!

  3. You daughter must be grateful for having such a kind mother. And i wonder you can check out my blogspot to get inspirations.

  4. I love these tops, the color combo is fantastic! Going to have to purchase this pattern!

  5. I was just in Waco this past weekend and stopped into one of my favorite Texas fabric shops, Tomorrow's Quilts, and while trying to coordinate some fun Christmas fabric with a pair of tights, I stumbled upon the purple and pink Super Fly fabric! I was so excited and I think the ladies in there though I was crazy because of my enthusiasm! It is impressive in pictures, but seeing it in real life is totally different. I bought two yards and cant decide if I am going to make something for my two sweets or for myself....Thanks for inspiring me!

    Not sure where you are in the Hill Country but I highly suggest you check out this fabric shop!! I only wish we had such great fabric spots where I live!