Friday, May 6, 2011

Whirly Twirly Girly Girly!

That's my life these days! Something about the spring and all the events that go with it around here. Good grief! My world is spinning and I need it to stop! At least long enough to post what I have been sewing! So I posted this in flickr a while back and never got around to blogging it. It's the Farbenmix Redondo in happy Jennifer Paganelli So. St. Croix. I bought the pattern from Banberry Place and the fabric can be found at Fairytale Frocks and Lollipops. I really love this pattern. It's best feature is it's twirling potential. Putting a bias trim on the edges accentuates the wave of the skirt. The So St. Croix was by far my favorite choice because the repeat in the pattern is difficult to see so you don't have your eye following the direction change in the fabric on the curved seams. There's nothing wrong with having a directional fabric, I just prefer to not see that. Now watch I will make a whole bunch of these with directional fabric and glow about loving that you can see the direction change in the fabric!

Have you been over to Hickity Pickity's blog or ETSY shop? She has the cutest, no THE CUTEST creations!! She sells her beauties and let me tell you they are gorgeous! I want one of each of everything that gal makes! Well needless to say she inspires me. She has been doing so much with little fabric flowers I just couldn't resist I had to do one for this outfit to jazz up my daughter shirt.

So I made this little flower and can I say it was LATE at night and I was past the point of making sure stitches were not seen so go easy on me. Yes I know you can see them in the picture but trust me you don't see them in  person. They aren't that obvious if you step away and just look at her from a normal distance. So go check out Judy's blog and see her pretties. She is a super sweet talented gal. I am honored to call her my friend. 

Happy Sewing!


  1. Beautiful fun! And I see a little sewist in the making!!! Cute!

  2. That pin cushion is really irresistible. I know why she likes it. So tempting to dress it up.

    And love that skirt.

  3. Oh..To be a little girl again...What a sweet time of life that needs to be Savored and Enjoyed...

  4. How I love this pattern! I really need to redo it, you have inspired me :-) so pretty!

  5. That is such a pretty outfit!

  6. You are the inspiration Miss Jenny with joy!!