Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pink Fig just keeps on delivering cuteness!

This is Pink Fig's Miss Kitty pattern from last year. Gosh I love this design! The drawstring sides that give it that fancy drape and the nod of an apron and elastic gathered sleeves, neck, and waist add up to a really darling dress pattern. I think I like this as much as the Farbenmix Feliz because there are so many options for embellishing and fussying it up.And it's different than the Feliz so it gives something fresh for me to play with. I tried to upload pictures of the details but the files keep getting corrupted so go to my flickr badge and click there to see the details. I am in LOVE with the trim on the skirt you have to go look at it in my pictures. I found it at JoAnn's and it just so wonderful.I like it because it gives the rick rack feel but in a more refined manner.Perfect for the princess! I want to make a hundred of these. You should see all the Sisboom fabric I have pulled out! Well it's out for another one of these and Girl's World patterns. My book is coming in the mail any day now and I cannot wait! Okay but I am getting side tracked here. So this pattern can be found at Fairytale Frocks and Lollipops and they have some of Jennifer's beautiful Honey Child there, the top skirt and bodice- you know the fabric that is making you swoon =D, but if you cannot find what you need you can try Marie Madeline Studio as well. The underskirt is Matt's Tux but you could use other fabrics from Honey Child underneath to get the same effect.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day! I spent the day with my family today tomorrow I get to SEW! Yay! God bless and have a wonderful day! CALL YOUR MOTHER!


  1. so gorgeous! have a wonderful mothers day sewing!!xoxo

  2. I love those stripes on the bottom, peeking out. Happy Sewing Mother's Day.

  3. A - it's adorable
    B - fabric beautiful
    C - she's a cutie full of charm!
    Oh for the time and the granddaughters to sew for! - Mine are all grown =)

  4. The book looks really great, and the projects youmade are amazing! I'm considering getting this book too... you certainly provide inspiration!
    Michal (