Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's about the girl in all of us.

I finally received my copy of Girl's World a few weeks ago during the height of school events, celebrations and farewells.  Amidst the beautiful chaos of my life I would find time to seek quiet refuge to pour over the stunning photos and darling projects dreaming of time to craft and sew from this book.

For me personally this book embodies the girlie girl in me and my daughter. I know I am not alone in this assessment. If you read the amazon reviews you will find this sentiment resonated in many different ways.

Sweet girls summer dresses, rose covered lamps, darling pillows, Jennifer's gorgeously elegant but playfully colored fabrics, and I cannot forget tulle, tulle, tulle and more tulle.

 Well as things with my children's schools and extracurricular activities came to a close, I finally had a bit of time to work through some of the patterns. My daughter finished preschool a week before her brother finished school so she took a special trip to my parents for a few days. While she was at my parent's house I was able to spend quality time with my son, sew a bit and teach a couple of sewing classes(more about that in a bit).

Projects featured are: Tallulah Dress, Penelope Bag, Annabelle Apron with Frilly Pocket, and George the puppy(brown pillow is from a long time ago). The Tallulah Dress is made from Jennifer's Poodle fabric line and from  a pink zebra knit I found at Hobby Lobby.

I would not use a super stretchy knit but the knit like the one featured was just fine.

It looks like I sewed a lot but I have to say not as much as you might think. The projects in this book are simple to slightly thought provoking but none are hard at all. I was so pleased with how much I was able to accomplish in a short period of time because the patterns were so simple and well written. It is by far my favorite sewing book to date. I find inspiration in it for myself and for my daughter. My daughter picks it up often and flips through the pages asking me to make this or that, pulling out the fabrics she wants me to use. This is a great book for dreaming and making those dreams come true. You can find the book here at


  1. You've already created a Girl's World paradise at your house. :)

  2. OMG! All your dresses are gorgeous. Wish i can sew one like that. still many more to learn. will try follow your tutorial in this blog. Will share with you how i progresses. Might be a bit slow cos i taught myself using online tutorials and books. Wish me luck.