Thursday, November 26, 2009

Feliz dress back Tanya Whelan Fabric

My daughter's feliz dress is finished! Phew. It took me about two full days of non stop sewing to finish but it was so worth it. I am pleased with how it turned out. I made faux piping that I added to the seams of the overdress and the along the edges of the ruffles on the underdress. The instructions were a bit sparse so I would not recommend the pattern for an absolute beginner but, with the online tutorial offered by Studio Tantrum and Trillium's sew along, pretty much anybody that has done at least a little bit of sewing could complete the dress with no problem. Oh and I did have a little more help. I bought the pattern from Corie at We found that we lived about 5 minutes away from each other. Talk about a small world!! She had a sewing get together at her house, so she was able to give me her tips from the experience she had with the pattern. I heard about a third of what she said as she had us working in the area where she keeps her shop. SERIOUSLY, how was I suppose to concentrate??? Her fabric is so beautiful, all that europeon yumminess! . High quaility and unique. Check her out at Oh and for the fabric I used, I bought it from One of my favorite shops for domestic fabrics. Awesome customer service, super sweet ladies.

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  1. hi jenny! just found your new blog and am happy to know that you love sewing for your daughter too! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving sweet comments. It's great to connect with other mothers who love sewing, i'll be following your blog :)

    p/s: I've seen a lot of Feliz on flickr (and yours is amazing!). May I know where can I buy the pattern?