Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tobago. Tortola - it's a Caribbean Sis Boom Party!

We are loving the Tobago dress and top! This top coordinates with the Tortola for women that is all the rave right now on the Road Trip.

 What is even better is the Tobago is on SALE!!!!

Like the Tortola  with the Tobago you can have a round neck or add a little notch and it can be cut at the hip, as a tunic or as a dress. What I love is it is a great piece for adding trims and design elements like pockets. Just draw off some pockets, cut them out and plop them on the Tobago then dig through your trim stash and go to town! I have confidence you CAN do it!

The FABULOUS Beauty Queen Linky Love makes the perfect a-line dress. Yes we are in LOVE!

 I used the amazing Jenny Eliza by Jennifer Paganelli that is her newest line of fabric which you can find in JoAnn's. It is so nice to see her fabric in person on the bolt! Although I will say when I went yesterday there were fewer bolts on the shelf so if you are oogling it, you better hurry because this line is going to sell out fast! Finding it online alone is like playing the lottery, they keep selling out and restocking and selling out again, you never know what is going to be in stock from day to day because it's so popular!  I suggest if you see it online and you do not have a JoAnn's nearby that you buy it! My understanding is once it is gone it is gone. So hop to it!

The shorts are a lightweight denim trimmed in my favorite Jenny Eliza using Rabbit Rabbit's Sporty Short pattern. I have a feeling we will be making more of these!

So what are you waiting for??? A $5 pattern is waiting for YOU! Wahoo!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Road Trip stops in Tortola!

My kiddos and hubby have been taking up my computer time lately. They temporarily lost access to their own laptops so we are all four sharing one laptop. GASP! I KNOW! RIGHT!?! That's almost like seven sharing one bathroom! Ahem, Long Ladies, helloooo! *Grin* Okay maybe not but close! Ha!  So this is a 'better a little late than never' post.

I am loving my Sis Boom Tortola! Golly I feel glam. Nothing like some Beauty Queen in new Sis Boom Tortola top to make you feel beautiful! Colorado Rocky Mountain surroundings help too  Don't you want this print??

The top is a very simple tank you can make with or without the notch and you can adjust the length as desired. No zippers or buttons needed, this top comes together in a FLASH! The top is cut on the bias to give the cotton a better more flattering drape.


So What are you waiting for? More pictures??? Oh my son took these pictures. So yeah, this is about it folks. Ha! 

Go check out The Scientific Seamstress Blog for more pictures and join in on the Road Trip Pattern Club! Five patterns for $35 from your favorite designers, doesn't get any better than that!  Buy in anytime! Woo hoo! Now back to sewing and using my phone and tablet. 

Monday, June 30, 2014

Suzuki, Sis Boom Sightings and Banberry Knit!

We are giving Suzuki Violin a whirl so we attended a workshop in Colorado last week. My son has been playing Suzuki Piano for 7 years but this was the first time for my girl to get to join in the musical fun. If you are thinking about having your child take music lessons, consider Suzuki. I have had more music majors, some with a Masters and some with a PhD say once they studied the Suzuki method, they felt it was the most effective way of teaching an instrument and training the ear. I could go into more detail but this is a sewing blog so if you are interested, find a Suzuki teacher for music lessons! On to the sewing!

My daughter and I had several Sis Boom Sightings at the workshop last week. It was really neat to discover other little girls wearing our favorite fabrics by our favorite fabric designer! So one day she wore HER Sis Boom. Kind of fun to be the Sis Boom sighting of the day!

My daughter loves the Disney family shows and she really loves some of the 80's inspired fashions. I found this jacket at Gymboree on a clearance rack and bought it for her last fall. It was crazy cheap, they were almost paying me to take it! Ha! Not really but it was very affordable. So cute with her Beauty Queen knickers! Oh how we love this print!

She also paired the jacket with these Petunia Petal Lily Giggle ruffle pants I made her.

 I am kind of  sad because the shirt she is wearing seems to shrink with every wash. It covered her backside in the pic but I just put it away in her closet last night and thought it was looking shorter!?! Boo! It's a Target shirt, guess I should just make her one!

The knit is from Banberry Place. The print comes in two different contents, one with and one without lycra, this print has lycra. We really love it, it makes us think of the Eloise picture books for some reason. 

I am going to be hopping back and forth between fall and summer/spring sewing. I have so many ideas and so little time it seems. Can anyone relate? The joys and challenges of being a creative type and a parent! And a wife! And a volunteer! And... you fill in the blank! Thankful for this full life.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Beautiful MODKID Kimono Wrap!

Patty had me at kimono so long ago with her first Kyoko pattern. I am so excited to share with you she that has created a women's wrap kimono! I love, love, love my Kimono Wrap. It can be used as a  bathing suit cover up or a bathrobe. Mine is in my favorite Pip Studio cotton lawn, swoon, so I am using it as a bathrobe. Love.

The Kimono Wrap is constructed from your body measurements, you chose the length, completely custom to you, you are going to love this pattern. You can use a variety of fabrics from cotton lawn, to a silky fabric like satin, really the sky is just about the limit. Okay maybe not a heavy denim. Grin. It is a wondefully versatile pattern.

You can find this pattern in the Road Trip Pattern Club.  A collaboration of five very talented designers sending patterns to you every three weeks all summer long. GASP! A priceless collection to have yet it's only $35. Woo hoo! You can join in at anytime and you will receive all past and present patterns. This is only the second pattern so you are by no means too late.


To find out more about the pattern club and to see more examples of this pattern from all of Patty's lovely testers check it out on the MODKID blog!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Introducing the Hailey Misses!

Don't you love when you have a pattern for your little girl and you so want to have one just like it and then the amazingly smart and talented designer puts out the misses version? I DO!

The Hailey for girls is one of my current favorite MODKID patterns. When I was given the chance to test the misses version I just about jumped out of my skin! YES OF COURSE! I have yet to make that girls version but I assure you it will be very soon it's been on my computer for a while. My daughter still loves summer dresses and I am so thankful that Patty is making dress patterns that resonate with my daughter's fashion sensibilities.

Hailey is a dress that can be made for your little girl, size 2t-10 PDF pattern,

HAILEY Girls PDF Downloadable Pattern by MODKID... sizes 2T to 10 Girls included - Instant Download

 your tween girl, size 10-16 paper pattern,

Modkid Hailey Sewing Pattern by Patty Young - Shirred V-Neck Shirt, Tunic or Dress for Tween and Teen girls

or for you, misses size XS-XXL PDF pattern.

The Hailey can actually be a top, tunic or dress. You control the length.The waist is shirred and the hem can be raw, ruffled or hemmed.  The fabric choices, oh are you sitting down because you are going to love this, you can make the Hailey with wovens or knits! GASP! A pattern to go with all that quilter's cotton AND knits in your stash! What more could a girl ask for!?!

This pattern will be part of the new BUNDLEUP women's collection, going on sale June 20th - 27th.  So stay tuned to Patty Young at MODKID for the big kick off! Don't forget to visit here again too as I will be sharing the girls version of the Hailey! Woo hoo! Bring on the summer sewing!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

We just LOVE Jeanine!

And now you can have a little of her too! Fun and sweet with the most adorable kids ever! We love Jeanine of Sis Boom!

So here is the pattern with her namesake and her precious girls. A little jumper just in time for summer! With or without eiastic and ruffled sleeves, you have so many cute options for the Jeanine! You can find the pattern here.



And  here is my tween sized girl sporting the straight strap, shirred low waist, and second to longest short length in the stunning Linky Love Beauty Queen fabric.

 Swoon! We are in LOVE!

And just look at the pretty back! Not only pretty but also practical! Easy on easy off for quick potty trips! That is a  huge plus for mommas of littles!

 And while I have you so very excited, why not send you over the edge! Look what is coming! Good Company! Swoon!!! So much to look forward to this summer and beyond! Woo hoo!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Beauty Queen is shipping!

Jennifer Paganelli was so very sweet to share some of her Beauty Queen fabric before it's official release and I have been printing PDF patterns and cutting away!

 So here I present the Daphne Knickers by Violet Field Threads! Oh they are so darling. Ruffles on the bands and ruffles at the waist this pattern offers cute little details that set you girl's knickers above the rest!

The fabric of course is Beauty Queen Melody in Midnight by Jennifer Paganelli. I think my sweet friends at Marie Madeline Studio will have these available next week! The flowers really pop off the navy. You need this print. Seriously!

Beauty Queen IS so heavenly! Sweet florals, lovely links and stripes, all the summer colors you could ask for, green, pink, blue, navy and yellow ohhhh! Start your collection now!